Dividing Fractions Calculator

Dividing Fractions Calculator: If you want to divide 2 fractions easily, then take the help of our free Dividing Fractions Calculator. You just have to give the fractions as inputs and press the calculate button to know the given fractions division with detailed work.

Dividing Fractions Calculator: Do you really feel it is difficult to find the division of fractions? If yes, then make use of this tool to easily find the answer. On this page, you can get the steps to calculate the division of fractions with solved example questions. Also, find the steps to use this free Fractions Division Calculator.

How do you Divide Fractions?

Obtain a detailed explanation of how to solve fractions division problems.

  • Get two fractions.
  • Find the reciprocal of the second fraction.
  • Multiply the first fraction with the reverse of the second fraction.
  • Simplify the product fraction to get the answer.

Questions on Dividing Fractions

Question 1:

Divide the fractions 125/25 ÷ 780/35?


Given fractions are 125/25 and 780/35

The inverse of the second fraction is 35/780

Multiply the first fraction 125/25 with 35/780

125/25 ÷ 780/35 = 125/25 x 35/780

= (125 x 35)/(25 x 780)

= 4375/19500

= 35/156

Question 2:

Find the division of fractions 1208/44 and 55/164?


Given fractions are 1208/44 and 55/164

The reciprocal of the second fraction is 164/55

Multiply the first fraction 1208/44 with 164/55

1208/44 ÷ 55/164 = 1208/44 x 164/55

= (1208 x 164)/(44 x 55)

= 198112/2420

= 49528/605

Fraction Division Examples

FAQs on Dividing Fractions Calculator

1. How to use the Division of Fractions Calculator?

Enter fractions in the respective input fields of the calculator. Hit the calculate button after the input boxes. Then you will get the division of fractions on screen.

2. What are the 3 steps to divide fractions?

  • Get the reciprocal of the second fraction.
  • Multiply the first fraction with the second fraction reciprocal.
  • Simplify the obtained fraction.

3. Divide fractions 156/7÷7/218?

Given fractions are 156/7÷7/218

To divide fractions, inverse the second fraction and multiply it with the first fraction.

156/7÷7/218 = 156/7 x 218/7

= (156 x 218)/(7 x 7)

= 34008/49

4. How to divide fractions?

Dividing fractions is similar to fractions multiplication. But we need to multiply the first fraction with the reciprocal of the second fraction.