Fraction Simplifier

Free online Fraction Simplifier Calculator determines the reduced form of fraction easily. Enter the fraction numerator and denominator values and hit the calculate button to avail the simplified fraction as output within no time.

Simplified Fraction Calculator: You can make use of the handy Fraction Simplifier Tool to obtain the simplified fraction value. Here we are giving the detailed manual steps to calculate the reduced fractions. Also, know the solved example questions on simplifying fractions.

How to Simplify Fractions?

These are the simple steps to find the reduced fraction value.

  • Take any fraction with the numerator, and denominator values.
  • Find the factors of both numerator and denominator.
  • After that, calculate the GCF of the values.
  • Divide the fraction by the common divisor i.e GCF
  • Finally, you get the simplest form of the fraction.

Example Questions on Reducing Fractions

Question 1:

Find the simplest form of the fraction 1225/520?


Given fraction is 1225/520

To reduce the fraction to its lowest term, you have to divide both numerator and denominator with GCF.

GCF of 1225, 520 is 5

Divide the fraction by 5 i.e (1225÷5)/(520÷5)

= 245/104

Therefore, the reduced form of fraction 1225/520 is 245/104.

Question 2:

Simplify the fraction 1008/36?


Given fraction is 1008/36

To reduce the fraction to its lowest term, you have to divide both numerator and denominator with GCF.

GCF of 1008 and 36 is 36

Divide the fraction by 36 i.e (1008÷36)/(36÷36)

= 26/1

Therefore, the simplified fraction is 26/1 or 26.

Simplifying Fractions Examples

FAQs on Fraction Simplifier

1. Which is the easiest way to simplify fractions?

The super-easy way to simplify fractions is using our free Reducing Fractions Calculator. It just takes the fraction values and gives the simplified fraction in seconds.

2. What is 4/8 in the simplest form?

4 is the common factor of 4 and 8. So, divide 4/8 by 4.

(4÷4)/(8÷4) = 1/2.

3. What is the purpose of simplifying fractions?

In general, we simplify fractions, as it is easy to read, write, remember and easy to use in the simplest fraction values in mathematical calculations.

4. How to downsize a fraction?

To represent a fraction in its lowest term, we have to calculate the greatest common divisor of the top and bottom of the fraction. Later, divide the fraction by GCF to get the resultant fraction.