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Fraction Addition: Take the advantage of our handy Adding Fractions Calculator to find the addition of any 2 fractions easily. You just have to input the fractions as inputs and tap on the calculate button to get the sum of the fractions as result in no time.

Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators and like Denominators

In the following sections, we are providing the simple and easy steps to calculate the addition of two fractions. Follow these guidelines to obtain quick results.

How to Add Like Fractions?

  • Take any 2 fractions with the same denominator value.
  • When the fractions are like fractions, then add their numerator values.
  • The total fraction will be the sum as a numerator and the denominator remains unchanged.

Process of Adding Unlike Fractions

  • Consider two fractions with unlike denominator values.
  • Find the L.C.M of the denominators.
  • Turn the unlike fractions into like fractions by multiplying both top and bottom to get the LCM value in all denominators.
  • Now, add the numerator values to get the added fraction.

Adding Fractions with Different Denominators Examples

Question 1:

Find the addition of fractions 1908/157 and 3689/123?


Given fractions are 1908/157 and 3689/123

As both fractions have different denominators, they are unlike fractions.

Find the LCM of denominators 157 and 123 i.e 19311

Make fractions denominators as 19311

So, 1908/157 = (1908 x 123)/(157 x 123) = 2,34,684/19311

And 3689/123 = (3689 x 157)/(123 x 157) = 5,79,173/19311

1908/157 + 3689/123 = 2,34,684/19311 + 5,79,173/19311

= (2,34,684 + 5,79,173)/19311

= 8,13,857/19311

Therefore, the sum of fractions 1908/157 and 3689/123 is 8,13,857/19311.

Adding Fractions with Like Denominators Examples

Question 1:

Find the sum of the fractions 159/34 and 548/34?


Given fractions are 159/34 and 548/34

As both fractions have the same denominator, they are called like fractions.

Add the numerators for the total.

159/34 + 548/34 = (159 + 548)/34

= 707/34

Therefore, the addition of fractions 159/34 and 548/34 is 707/34

FAQs on Fraction Addition

1. How do you add fractions with different denominators?

For adding fractions with different denominators, you have to calculate the LCM of denominators. Then multiply both top and bottom of every fraction by the no of times each fraction denominator goes into the LCM. Next, add the numerators.

2. What are the 3 rules for adding fractions?

The 3 rules for adding fractions with like denominators are here:

  • Firstly, change the mixed number to an improper fraction
  • Add the numerators.
  • Write the obtained numerator over the denominator.

3. Why don't we add denominators when adding fractions?

A denominator represents how many equal pieces make one unit. If you add a denominator while adding fractions, the new denominator won't describe how many equal parts are in one unit.

4. Write the steps to add fractions on a calculator?

To use the Addition of Fractions Calculator, we have to provide the input fractions and click the calculate button.