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Fraction Multiplication Calculator: The user-friendly Multiplying Fractions Calculator is helpful to determine the multiplication of fractions in a short span of time. To make familiar with the concept of fractions multiplication we have provided the detailed steps along with solved examples. You have to provide the fractions on both sides of the "x" symbol and hit the calculate button to display the result.

Steps to Multiply 2 Fractions

Go through the detailed steps for multiplying 2 fractions quickly.

  • Take any 2 fractions with the same or different denominators.
  • Multiply the numerators of 2 fractions to know the product numerator.
  • Also, multiply the denominators of 2 fractions to get the product denominator.
  • Simplify the product fraction to its lowest value.

Example Questions on Multiplication of Fractions

Question 1:

Find the multiplication of fractions 51/34 and 156/72?


Given fractions are 51/34 and 156/72

Just multiply numerators together and denominators together.

51/34 x 156/72 = (51 x 156)/(34 x 72)

= 7956/2448

= 13/4

Therefore, 51/34 x 156/72 = 13/4.

Question 2:

Multiply fractions 83/60 and 250/60?


Given fractions are 83/60 and 250/60

Just multiply numerators together and denominators together.

83/60 x 250/60 = (83 x 250)/(60 x 60)

= 20750/3600

= 415/72

Therefore, 83/60 x 250/60 = 415/72

FAQs on Product of Fractions Calculator

1. What are the 4 steps for multiplying fractions?

The simple steps involving multiplying fractions are here:

  • Simplify the given fractions.
  • Multiply the numerators of the fractions together to get the product numerator.
  • In the same way, also multiply the denominators of the fractions together to get the product denominator.
  • After that, write the product.

2. How to multiply fractions with different denominators on a calculator?

For multiplying 2 fractions having different denominators on a calculator, you have to provide the fractions as inputs. Then press the calculate button to know those fractions product.

3. Why do we multiply fractions?

Multiplication is nothing but a process of repeated addition. When you are multiplying two fractions means the first fraction is added to itself a second fraction number of times to obtain the product.

4. Can we multiply fractions with whole numbers?

Yes, you can multiply the whole numbers with fractions.