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Fraction Subtraction: Utilise online Subtracting Fractions Calculator to subtract two fractions easily. All you have to do is enter the fractions in the specified input fields and tap on the calculate button to know the subtraction of fractions as the answer in the blink of an eye.

How to Subtract Two Fractions?

Here are the steps to subtract fractions with the same denominators and different denominators.

How to Subtract Fractions with Like Denominators

  • Take any two fractions having the same denominators.
  • Simply subtract the numerators.
  • Write the resultant fraction as the new numerator followed by the original denominator.

How to Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators

  • Consider any 2 fractions with the different denominators.
  • Take the LCM of denominators.
  • Now make the denominator of both fractions as LCM value by multiplying a number.
  • After that, fractions become like fractions. So, subtract the numerators.
  • Write the obtained numerator as the top and LCM as the bottom of the result fraction.

Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Question 1:

Subtract 2/9 and 1/7?


Given fractions are 2/9 and 1/7

These are unlike fractions

LCM of 9, 7 is 63

Make the denominators of the fractions as 63 by multiplying 7/7 with 2/9 and 9/9 with 1/7

7/7 x 2/9 = 14/63

9/9 x 1/7 = 9/63

2/9 - 1/7 = 14/63 - 9/63

= (14 - 9)/63 = 5/63

Subtracting Fractions with Whole Numbers

Question 2:

Subtract improper fractions 15/23 and 2/23?


Given fractions 15/23 and 2/23

The fractions are like fractions.

Subtract the numerators of the fractions.

15/23 - 2/23 = (15 - 2)/23

= 13/23

FAQs on Fractions Subtraction

1. Can you subtract fractions with different denominators?

Yes, we can subtract unlike fractions by finding the least common multiple of the denominators. Turn unlike fractions into like fractions, then subtract and simplify.

2. What are the 4 steps to subtracting fractions?

The simple steps of subtracting fractions are here:

  • Determine the LCM of denominators.
  • Convert the denominator to the LCM by multiplying the numerator, and denominator with the same number.
  • Subtract the numerators.
  • Simplify the fraction.

3. How to Use Subtraction of Fractions Calculator?

Give two fractions in the input boxes on both sides of the minus symbol in the calculator. It will display the subtracted value as the answer by pressing the calculate button.

4. How to find the difference between subtracting fractions 11/5 and 7/5?

Given fractions are 11/5 and 7/5

Subtract the numerators of the fractions.

11/5 - 7/5 = (11 - 7)/5 = 4/5.