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Graphing Linear Equations Calculator

Free Online Graphing Linear Equations Calculator will display the graph of the given equation in a fraction of seconds. Provide the valid expression in the input box and hit on the calculate button to get the result for your given linear equation in the output field. 

Graphing Linear Equations Calculator: Are you struggling with complex linear equations problems then make sure to try out the graphing method. You can go with the graphing method for solving a system of linear equations with two variables. Want to know more about graphing linear equations like what it means, how to solve Linear Equations in Two Variables using the Graphical method with examples? Refer to this page thoroughly. Utilize this handy online Graphing Linear Equations Calculator tool for quick calculations & step-by-step explanations. 

What is Meant by Graphing Linear Equations?

Graphing Linear Equations represents the graph of the given linear equation. As it always results in the form of a straight line. We generally use the graphical form of representation to prove the relationship between two or more quantities. The graph of the linear equations with two variables is a line. 

One of the most important concepts of algebra is Graphing Linear Equations. To graph the equation, it should be in the form of y = mx + b, also known as the y-intercept form, where m is the slope of the equation. 

Steps for Solving Graphical Linear Equations

Solving the linear equations graphically and represented in a coordinate plane is called graphical linear equations. The steps that should be followed to solve a linear equation using the graphical method are listed below: 

  • Firstly, ensure the given linear equation is in y-intercept form, ie., y = mx + b. 
  • Now, go with the trial and error method and find the value of (x,y) upto three pairs, which meet the linear equation.
  • Calculate the x-intercept and y-intercept of the equation. Substitute the value of x=0 in the equation to find the y-intercept and its outcomes in x=a. For the sake of x-intercept, substitute the value of y=0 in the equation and result in y=c.
  • As a result, the points are (a, 0) and (0, c). Now, put the value of x and y in a tabular form. 
  • In this step, you have to plot all the points on the graph.
  • Now, it's time to join all the points and obtain the straight line representing the given linear equation graphically. 


Draw the linear equation of 2x+y=7 graphically? 


Given equation is 2x+y=7

Rearrange the given linear equation in the form of y = mx + b ie., y = -2x + 7

You can find two solutions, corresponding to the x-intercepts and y-intercepts of the graph, by setting the first x=0 and then y=0.

When x=0, we get:

y = -2(0) + 7

y = 7

When y=0, we get: 


-2x = -7

-x = -7/2

x = 3.5

The coordinates of the plane are (0, 7), (3.5, 0) for the given linear equation 2x+y=7. The graphical representation of the linear equation is shown below.

Graphing Linear Equations Calculator

FAQs on Graphing of Linear Equations Calculator

1. How do you solve the system of equations by graphing calculator?

To solve the equation by the graphing calculator, you need to enter the given linear equation in the input field and then click on the calculate/solve button to display the graph of the given linear equations in just a few seconds. 

2. What is the graph equation formula?

The graph equation formula is y= mx + b. Where m is the slope of the line, y is the value of y (distance along the y-axis, which is the vertical axis) and x is the x value (the distance along the x-axis, which is the horizontal axis).

3. What are the 3 methods to graph a Linear Equation?

The following are the three methods to graph a linear equation:

  • Using two points to plot the graph of a linear equation.
  • Use the slope and y-intercept of a linear equation.
  • Using the x- and y-intercepts of a linear equation.

4. Which online calculator is best to graph linear equations? is the trusted website that offers free online tools like Linear Equations Calculator, graphing linear equations calculator, and more for quick & accurate solutions. 

Graphing Linear Equations Calculator