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Created By : Vaibhavi Kumari

Reviewed By : Rajashekhar Valipishetty

Last Updated : Oct 10, 2023

A Free Online tool that solves fractional linear equations most efficiently is here. Such a handy tool is Linear Equations with Fractions Calculator. Just drop your input equation in the provided box and click on the calculate button to get the output and the detailed steps in the blink of an eye.

What is Meant by Fractional Linear Equations?

A fractional equation is an equation containing fractional terms. Solving Linear equations with fractions is clearing fractions from equations and obtaining the exact result. Some of the example equations with fractions are as shown below:

  • ‚Äč4/7x+14=22
  • y = 1/3 x - 1 and 3x - 2y = 4
  • x−5/6=1/3

Let's understand this concept thoroughly by referring to the detailed explanations furnished on this page. Also, our online portal offers free online & handy Linear Equations Calculators for all the concepts.

Simple Steps on How To Solve Linear Equations with Fractions?

To solve the system of linear equations with fractions, the initial step is to eliminate the fractions coefficients into normal equations for easy solving. For further continuation, follow the below simple steps and learn completely.

  1. First, clearing the fractions in the equation should be done.
  2. To clear a fraction from an equation, multiply all of the terms on both sides of the equation by the fraction’s denominator or LCD.
  3. Also, you can use the fraction cross multiplication process, if the equation is in the form of a/b = c/d then a· d=b· c
  4. Next, remove parentheses on each side by taking the help of Distributive Property.
  5. Now, combine the like terms on each side.
  6. Solve the remaining expression by using the elimination method or substitution method or undoing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


Solve the system of equations with fractions: 33/5(1+p) = 21/20


Given equation is 33/5(1+p) = 21/20

Apply the fraction cross multiply as the given equation is in a/b = c/d then a· d=b· c

Now, 33· 20=5(1+p)· 21

33· 20=5(1+p)· 21

Simplify the expression



Divide both sides by 105

105(1+p)/105 = 660/105 (Simplify)

1+p = 44/7

Subtract both sides of the equation with 1

1+p-1 = 44/7-1

p = 37/7.

At, you can also explore various linear equations concepts calculators like linear equations in one variable, linear equations in two variables, non-linear equations, linear equations with fractions, and many more. So make use of them for complex calculations.

FAQs on Systems of Linear Equations with Fractions Online Calculator

1. What is a fractional equation?

An equation comprising fractional terms is known as a fractional equation.

2. How to Solve linear equations with fractions using an online calculator?

By using an online calculator, you can easily solve the linear equation with fractions. Simply enter the input fractional equations in the input field and go for the calculate button to display the output with a detailed solution.

3. How do you calculate the fractional linear equations manually?

To calculate the fractional equations manually, firstly we have to clear the fractions from the equation by multiplying with the LCD. Next, make use of the substitution or elimination methods to obtain the solution.

4. Where do I find the free online Linear Equations with Fractions Calculator?

You can find the Linear Equations with Fractions Online Calculator for free of cost from a reliable website ie.,