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Take advantage of this Online decimal to fraction calculator tool that helps you to convert any type of decimal into a fraction. Using our calculator tool is easy and quick all you need to do is give the inputs in the input fields and then just tap on the calculate button.

How do you Convert Decimal Numbers to Fractions?

Following are the guidelines that are provided to convert decimal numbers into fractions easily.

  • First, note down the value that was given in the problem.
  • Then, rewrite the decimal number as a fraction by adding 1 in the denominator.
  • Now you need to multiply the number with the multiples of 10. How many numbers you will have after the decimal point, we need to multiply the numerator and denominator by that multiple of 10.
  • Then, find the GCD for the fraction that you get after multiplying with the multiple of 10.
  • Finally, you will get the answer.

Sample Examples to convert Decimal to Fraction

Question: Convert 1.736 to fraction?


Given, that the decimal number is 1.736

Now, rewrite the decimal number as a fraction with 1 in the denominator.

1.736 = 1.736 / 1

As we have 3 numbers after the decimal point, so multiply the numerator and denominator by 1000.

= [1.736 x 1000] / [1 x 1000]

= 1736 / 1000

GCD of 1736 and 1000 = 8

= [1736 / 8 ] / [ 1000 / 8 ]

= 217 / 125

=  1 [92/ 125]

Therefore, the conversion value of a decimal to a fraction is 1 [92/ 125].

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FAQs on Convert From Decimal to Fraction Calculator

1. What is 0.36 as a fraction?

0.36 as a fraction is 9/25.

2. How can we use decimal to fraction calculator?

Simply, give the input decimal number in the given input fields and then click on the calculate button, so that immediately you will get the instant result in fraction form.

3. How do you write 0.64 as a fraction?

0.64 can be written as a fraction of 64 / 100.