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Created By : Vaibhavi Kumari

Reviewed By : Rajashekhar Valipishetty

Last Updated : Oct 10, 2023

Solving Linear Equations Calculator is an online tool that finds the variables for a given equation within no time. Simply enter the equation in the input field and hit the Calculate button. It calculates the given equations in a few seconds and displays the accurate results with a detailed explanation.

What is meant by Linear Equation?

In mathematics, a linear equation is defined as an expression where each term in the variable has an exponent of one. If it is represented in a graph then it results in a straight line. The straight-line equation y=mx+c is an example of a linear equation. 

Generally, the form of linear equation is Ax+B=C, where A, B, C are constants and x is variable. Moreover, the linear equations can be written in three distinct ways, they are 

  • Linear equation in one variable
  • Linear equation in two variables
  • Linear equation in three variables

Solving the linear equations calculator finds the solution of the variable for a given equation within seconds.

How to Solve System of Linear Equations?

The following steps will make you understand clearly about solving linear equations. Take a look at the steps carefully and learn how to calculate the linear equation:

  1. Firstly, understand the given equation and rearrange it properly.
  2. Perform arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, etc. to simplify the equation.
  3. If the known numbers are solved and rearranged in the correct order then calculate the unknown variable in the equation.

Solved Example:

Solve the equation 20 = 2x + 4.


Given equation is 20 = 2x + 4

Rearrange the equation by transferring the variable one side and constant on the other side.

2x+4 = 20

2x = 20-4

2x = 16

x = 16/2

x = 8

Hence, the value of the variable x is 8.

FAQs on System of Equations

1. What is a Linear Equation?

A linear equation is an equation that gives a straight line when represented in a graph. It is an algebraic equation of the form y=mx+b.

2. How to express the standard form of a linear equation?

The standard form of linear equations is Ax + By + C = 0 (A ≠ 0, B ≠ 0)where x, y are variables and A, B and C are constants.

3. From where can I learn the concept of solving linear equations?

The concept of linear equations is explained briefly on our page. Go through the page and learn how to solve linear equations manually.

4. Is it possible to find the variables of given linear equations using online calculators?

Yes, by using an online calculator also you can easily calculate the variable of the given linear equations.

5. Which online tool is best for solving linear equations? is the best and most reliable website that provides a free online calculator for all topics of linear equations like solving linear equations calculator, linear equations in one variable calculator, and more.