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The fraction to percent calculator is a free tool that helps us to convert fractions to percent easily within seconds. For using this calculator, you just need to give the inputs in the input fields and tap the calculate button. So that you will get instant results.

What is Fraction to Percent?

Fraction to percent is the conversion of the fraction to percent by just multiplying the fraction with 100 and then reducing it to percent.

The formula for percentage is

P = n x 100.

Steps to Convert Fraction to Percent?

Following are the guidelines that are provided below to convert fractions into percentages easily.

  • The first and foremost thing you need to do is note down the value that was given in the problem.
  • Next, as we know, the percentage is a fraction of 100.
  • So, multiply the numerator and denominator by the multiples of 10.
  • Now, divide the numerator with the denominator.
  • As we know the formula of percentage. i.e., p = n x 100.
  • Substitute it and simplify it.
  • Finally, you will get the answer.

Convert Fraction to Percent with Example

Question: Convert fraction 5/20 to percent?


Given, that the fraction is 8/10

As we know, the percentage is a fraction of 100.

[8x10] / [10x10] = 80/100

80 ÷100 = 0.8

Formula of percentage is,

P = n x 100.

p = 0.8 x 100.

 = 80%

Hence the value after converting fraction to percent is 80%.

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FAQs on Fraction to Percent Conversion

1. How to use this fraction in the percent calculator?

Fraction to percent calculator can be used by simply giving the input in the input field and then clicking on the calculate button.

2. Write 4/100 as a percentage?

4/100 as a percentage is 40%.

3. What is the best tool to convert fraction to percent?

Fraction to Percent calculator is the best online tool that helps you to convert fractions to percentages.