Percent to Fraction Calculator

Our online percent to fraction calculator tool will help you to convert percentages to fractions easily in a fraction of seconds. Using this tool is also very easy, simply give the inputs in the given allocated box and then click on the calculate button.


Percent to Fraction Calculator: Would you like to convert a percent to a fraction in an easy method? Then, look into this calculator tool that helps you to convert the percentage to fraction easily and it gives you instant results. Not only this but we were also given the detailed steps on how to convert percent to fraction manually, sample examples, and many more.

Percent to Fraction Calculator: To convert percent to fraction students can use our percent to fraction calculator for free. All you have to do is simply enter the percentage in the given fields to convert it to the fraction and click on calculate. The required output will be displayed on your screen.

What is Percent to Fraction?

Percent to a fraction is the conversion of percentage values to the fraction. Fraction is nothing but the ratio of two numbers. While the percentage is per hundred. It is denoted by the symbol %.

For example: 29% = 29 /100.

How to Convert Percent to Fraction in Simple Form?

Check out the step-by-step process to convert the percent to fraction manually.

  • Primarily, note down the value that was given in the problem.
  • Now, divide the percentage by 100 to get the decimal number.
  • Reduce the fraction by dividing both numerator and denominator by the GCD number.
  • Finally, get the result.

Examples of Converting Percentage to Fraction

Question 1: How to Convert 48% to Fraction?


Given, percent = 48

Now, as we know that % = 100

Divide the number by 100

48% = 48 / 100 

Reduce the fraction 48/100

GCD of 48 and 100 is 4.

= 12 / 25.

Therefore, the value after converting the percentage to a fraction you will get 12 / 25.

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Sample Percent to Fraction Conversions

FAQs on Percent to Fraction Calculator

1. How do you convert percentages to fractions using a calculator?

Simply, give the inputs in the given input fields and then hit the calculate button. So that you will get the result instantly.

2. What is 3% as a fraction?

3% as a fraction is 3/10.

3. What is the best tool to convert percent to fraction?

The best tool to convert a percent to a fraction is Percent to Fraction Calculator.