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Linear Equations Calculator

Wondering how to grasp basic to advance level of concepts of linear equations in seconds. Not an issue at all as we have created concept-wise linear equations calculators. These linear equations solver calculators are free to use and handy. It helps kids as well as teachers to find the exact result of the provided linear equations within seconds. Jump into this page & grab the opportunity of using free online linear equations calculators tools.

Free Online Linear Equations Calculators

A quick approach to solve your linear equations calculations such as Linear Equations in One Variable, Linear Equations in Two Variables, Graphing Linear Equations, etc. is using linear equations calculators. A list of free online calculators on the concept of linear equations is provided here via quick links. Go with these available calculator links and solve the linear equations calculations with ease.

Solving Linear Equations calculators


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Fraction Calculator

Solving Linear Equations Calculator

Solving Linear Equations of the form of Ax+By=C is the fusion of two variables and constant. Here, x and y are variables, and A, B, and C are constants. This online free calculator solves the values for the variables accurately.

For Example, 2x+6y=4 and 5x+1y=2 are Linear Equations

Linear Equations in One Variable Calculator

An equation which is having a single variable with a degree of one is called Linear Equations in One Variable. A standard equation of linear equation in one variable is expressed in the form of ax+b=0 where x is the variable and a, b are constants. It gives the solution for one variable.

For Example, 3x-5=10 is the Linear Equations in one variable. Hence, x=5.

Linear Equations in Two Variables Calculator

A linear equation in two variables is the solution of variables for The standard form of equation ie., ax+by+c=0 is called a linear equation in two variables x and y where we get the solution for the two variables. If a,b,c are real numbers and they are equal to 0 then the linear equation in two variables is ax+by=c.

For Example, x + 2y = 10, 2x + y = 20 are the linear equation with two variables, and hence x = -3 and y = 26 are the solutions of given linear equation in two variables.

Graphing Linear Equations Calculator

A Graphing Linear Equations is the representation of linear equations graphically. For solving a system of linear equations, we use various methods, and graphing linear equations is one such and it results in a straight line.

For instance, y=mx+b is the graphing linear equations example.

Non Linear Equations Calculator

A nonlinear equation is an equation that had a degree of 2 or more than two of a variable. The standard form of a nonlinear equation is ax² + by² = c, where a, b, c are constants and x and y are variables. A non-linear equation in a graph represents a curve and has a variable slope value.

For Example, 2x² - 4y² = 1 and 3x² + 2x + 1 = 0 are two instances of system of nonlinear equations.

Linear Equations by Substitution Calculator

Solving System of Equations by Substitution method is the easiest way to solve linear equations calculations. Linear Equations by Substitution Calculator find the variable values for the given pair of equations.

For Example, Solving x-3y=4, x+2y=1 linear equations using substitution we get x=11/5, y=-3/5.

Linear Equations with Fractions Calculator

A fractional linear equation is an equation containing fractional terms in numerator/denominator. Online Linear Equation with fractions calculator solves the expression by eliminating the denominators first and then continues with the same process of solving linear equations.

For Example: (2x+2y)/(x-y) is a linear equations with fractions and the solution is 2(x+y)/(x-y).

Linear Equations and Inequalities Calculator

The linear functions included with inequalities like less than (<), greater than (>), less than or equal to (≤), greater than or equal to (≥) symbols are calculated easily by linear equations with inequalities calculator.

For example, 2x-5/3 > 3x+3/4 is an instance of linear inequality function. hence the solution of the equation is x < -29.

Different Forms of Linear Equations with Examples

Linear Equation General Form Example
Slope intercept form y = mx + b y + 2x = 3
Point–slope form y – y1 = m(x – x1 ) y – 3 = 6(x – 2)
General Form Ax + By + C = 0 2x + 3y – 6 = 0
Intercept form x/a + y/b = 1 x/2 + y/3 = 1

Methods of Solution of Linear Equations in Two Variables

For solving linear equations in two variables, we have various methods to perform and they are as follows:

  • Method of substitution
  • Cross multiplication method
  • Method of elimination
  • Graphical Method

Standard Form of Linear Equation Formula?

The standard form of the linear equation formula consists of both the variable and a constant. The linear equation formula is ax + b = 0 where a ≠ 0 and x is the variable.

FAQs on Algebra Calculator

  1. What is linear equation definition and example?

An algebraic equation in which each term has an exponent of one and the graphing of the equation results in a straight line is the definition of a linear equation. An example of a linear equation is y=mx + b.

  1. What are the 5 different forms of linear equations?

Standard Form, Slope-Intercept Form, Point-Slope Form, Two-Point Form, and Two-Intercept Form are five distinct linear equation forms.

  1. Where can I get free online linear equations solver calculator?

you can get the solving linear equations calculator tool online for free of charge from

  1. What is a linear equations formula calculator?

A linear equations formula calculator is a free online tool that helps students to understand solving systems of equations easily & quickly.

Linear Equations Calculator